•  Largest footprint in East Africa: Expand quickly and service across border and diverse markets with ease.
  • Diverse routes Connecting “World” - high uptime and business continuity.
  • Leverage on (internal) Wananchi group growth requirements and deep pockets with partnership of national power supply and backbone companies with accelerated deployment of metro and backhaul.


  • Our pricing model is designed for the wholesale customer; facilitating  business accelerated growth in revenue, profitability, CAGR, EBITDA and market share


  • Scalable services from entry level needs e.g. E1 to Wavelength/Dark fiber to suit your business needs as your business grows
  • Flexible and customized terms designed to suit your business plans and growth requirements
  • Focus on Target Market Segment: This enables  WTL to focus on its key market area, hence


  • Round the clock support (24/7 X 365) support,
  • 99.99% SLA, 
  • Technology and infrastructure ubiquity