teleportWananchi Telecom Ltd (WTL) owns and operates fibre optic cable and satellite systems out of East Africa, our robust and resilient networks are designed to provide customers with the facilities to reach hundreds of destinations. The network is built and equipped with switches, routers, peering connections and conversion platforms to deliver traffic efficiently and effectively.

WTL is a consortium member of the TEAMS submarine cable which connects Mombasa to Fujairah, with onward capacities from Fujairah to UK & Singapore on SEMEWE 3/4 & IMEWE submarine cables.

TeleportWTL owns and operates DWDM domestic backhaul network on overhead and underground fiber. This WTL fiber network enables WTL to take the submarine capacity of TEAMS, SEACOM & EASSY to all East African countries.

WTL has a strategic partnership with SEACOM and a number of EASSY consortium members, hence able to access submarine cables connecting Djibouti, Mombasa (Kenya) to Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, Maputo (Mozambique), Mtunzini (South Africa) and Mumbai. It also boosts of access to SAT3, SAFE, WACS and Glo 1 submarine cables, which connects the costs of Southern Africa, Western Africa and other African Islands, hence creating Africa’s most resilient networks which connects Africa to the rest of the world (Europe, Middle East, Asia and onwards).

Wananchi Group’s business model enables it to deliver affordable connectivity and internet access to its customers.