NOCThe state-of-the-art NOC in Nairobi & Dar Es Salaam with redundant backup data centers are managed by highly skilled, motivated, and experienced personnel; enables WTL to offer turnkey solutions to meet and exceed customers’ expectations with cutting edge technology; the advantage being own iDirect Data Hub in Nairobi, Dar-Es –Salaam and in Germany. The latest technologies capacitate WTL to configure and manage bandwidth to provide all necessary support locally.  Customers are proactively kept informed of scheduled or unscheduled outages and experienced personnel within two hours take up escalation on troubleshooting. The NOC also provides fault report details including resolution process. The NOC provides trouble tickets with numbers to the client to track the status. Customers can monitor and track performance and reliability of your Internet connections through a Web-based reporting system.

Network Management System
Wananchi Telecommunications’ NMS features allow for automatic gathering of network statistics and presentation of the same in graphical and report form. NMS uses SNMP to monitor network events in real time which provides details of network performance in graphical and chart forms. For visibility into network Traffic, NMS has an Analyzer which analyzes flows from net-flow enabled network elements like Cisco routers and switches;  allows for traffic type discovery and detailed analysis of the traffic within a Network; the features are summarized below:

Router Interfaces
WTL Edge routers come with multiple 10Gigabit optical Interfaces to allow for capacities of up to 10Gigabit. All routing will be on optical fiber. The routers also come with dual power supply units for redundant power supply.

Access control and filtering
WTL apply edge filtering on their Internet border routers and also implement this at the edge of their network facing the client to effectively manage traffic flow to and from the client. The edge routers are configured to provide a first level of security using Access Control Lists (ACL). The ACL allow only specifically permitted traffic.

Network Equipment configuration
WTL uses features available in NMS together with third party software to provide Network element configuration and Management including backup and restore of configuration. The applications will also provide configuration version management.

Wananchi Telecom Peering Agreements
WTL has peering agreements with major Tier-1 Internet Service Providers. A list of our Peering partners is provided below. A detailed list of regional peering agreement is available upon request.  A peering agreement Emirates Internet Exchange is done in May 2013.