BandwidthWTL with a long history of delivering high-capacity Internet to operators (GSM, fixed line) and leading Internet service providers – Companies who believe on quality and reliability.

WTL offers Internet connections to 100 Mbit/s or more - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, and soon from   Burundi and Rwanda PoPs.

A Network for Internet of the future
WTL sees Internet as the future conveyor for all kinds of information and media, including even the most bandwidth-demanding film and TV services of the future.

WTL has since beginning handled heavy traffic flows, both nationally and internationally and uses one homogenous structure in its entire network to achieve the greatest possible Scalability and most Efficient Traffic Flow; the well developed traffic exchange with other operators in London gives good control over the traffic routes and allows services with guaranteed capacity and service levels.

WTL Delivers all of East Africa
Whole of East Africa uses WTL’s own fiber network which runs all Internet traffic. The central core network consists of a ring that connects Capital cities of East Africa;  and then to a number of local and regional networks which makes it possible for WTL  to deliver its services even to the remotest places around East Africa.
IP Transit
WTL has extensive experience in meeting the needs and demands that operators and service providers with their own AS-number exact of an IP Transit service and offers flexible custom solutions with upgrade to the desired capacity on short notice.

Traffic exchange points include London and Fujairah, interconnection hubs in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia with several Internet Exchange points; with the fiber network, WTL essentially has unlimited capacity between these points.