IPLC is a dedicated point-to-point connection for highest level of data security.

  • International Leased Line is a wholesale private circuit service between customer endpoints located anywhere within WTL’s and its carrier partners’ footprints.
  • Service for telecommunication companies demanding high-quality, secure and reliable services. Committed bandwidth is guaranteed end-to-end.
  • WTL leased line is capable of carrying any kind of information ranging from conventional data to voice or video transmission such as video conferencing.

IPCL –Service using SDH technology, supporting capacities ranging from:

  • 2Mbps/E1         45Mbps / DS3    155Mbps / STM-1
  • 622Mbps / STM-4     2.5Gbps / STM-16   10Gbps / STM64


Access to the service
Customer connects to the nearest WTL PoP (Point of Presence) via local tail that is established via various access technologies considering availability, cost, flexibility etc. Committed access link capacity is 100% guaranteed.

In case of leased infrastructure, the options available are same and customer's traffic is switched to WTL network over a resilient NNI (Network-Network Interface) between WTL and partner provider; Local tail may be established via the following:

  • Fibre
  • Licensed band, point-to-point microwave
  • Private line via SDH technology